Originals DAO

Owned Assets
About Originals DAO

Originals entitle owners to Membership and Voting in the Originals DAO. 1 Original = 1 Vote.

The Originals DAO will oversee the Community Treasury and make collaborative decisions on how to spend funds.

Members will be granted a special “Originals DAO” role, along with access to private, token-gated channels (Discord, etc.)

The Originals DAO will oversee proposals and projects like:

Purchasing digital and/or physical assets.

Managing assets held in the Treasury

Funding creative projects by fellow DAO members

Access to exclusive experiential events

Topic suggestions or guests for IMPAULSIVE podcast

Sponsoring independent artists, gallery showcases, and activations.

Note from Logan

“My ultimate goal is to do mastermind retreats with Members, fund independent movies and upcoming artists, strategically invest in special projects, donate to various philanthropic organizations, throw insane events, and honestly anything else our members want to do…

I think this is the perfect intersection of tech, art, culture, and community. This project will be my biggest endeavor to date, and I can't wait to foster a group of people who will make everlasting impact in a revolutionary space.”